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R & D Capabilities

HYDRUS Engineering team combines the long experience of more than 50 years together with the latest developments in Computational Fluid Dynamics and Rapid Prototyping through the combination of the two generations of owners.

HYDRUS has invested in a third-generation Rapid Prototyping Machine capable of producing functional prototypes made of classed filled nylon and a 3D Laser Scanner which can capture complex 3Dimensional surfaces. Those tools together with the leading software in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and various in-house developed, customized computational codes for hydrodynamic design, enable the engineering team of HYDRUS not only to actively support production but also to actively participate in R&D programmes.

The computational engineering capabilities of the team in combination with the state of the art Hydraulic Laboratory enable them to validate any engineering work through real time testing and extend technical knowledge and experience.

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